Australia: Port Douglas

Monday, March 26, 2012

We headed to Sydney after Queenstown, but I'm going to come back to Sydney since we ended there as well. After a few days in Sydney, we went to Port Douglas, Australia which is on the Great Barrier Reef. Wow, what different climate. It was hot & humid! Port Douglas is such a cute little town with great food, coffee shops and boutiques! Here is a picture of the surroundings in Port Douglas...just beautiful!
The first night we arrived we did a sunset sail for B's birthday. Unfortunately, the weather was not rained on us a lot, but we were able to see beautiful parts of the island and being on a sailboat is always fun. We met some great people...even met an American from Florida who came to work in Australia and was doing everything she could to stay and I can see why!
The water was so clear!
The next day we just walked around town and enjoyed ourselves. The locals were so kind! I didn't get any pictures of town...sorry!

Our next adventure was a day trip out to the great barrier reef on Aquarias. It was so much fun and more than we could have ever imagined! The boat trip out there was beautiful, the food was delicious, the people were great, etc, etc. Once we stopped the boat on the reef, we had to suit up. Yes, we had to wear jelly suits. During the summer in Port Douglas, there are tiny jellies that can sting you, so you wear the suit to protect yourself from stings. Can you believe I still got in after hearing this?? There was a gorgeous, small island that we swam to, where we could walk around and layout. We snorkeled and we event fed and swam with sharks! eeeekkkk..I know! They weren't big by any means, but I still pat myself on the back for getting in the water with any type of shark.

It was an amazing experience and one we will never forget! You must visit the Great Barrier Reef if you ever go to's pretty incredible!

On to our Sydney adventures next...

Happy Monday!

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