Mommy fears & nursery reveal

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Granny Mabel with my mom and her 2 brothers
So, here I am…2 weeks away from my due date and I’m not going to lie…I’m freaking out a little bit about becoming a mom. I sit around daydreaming and thinking to myself how incredible it is that my body knows how to keep my little girl safe for 9 months (really 10 months). She is incredibly protected in there and I have been fortunate to not have to worry about her too much. Then my thoughts move forward in time and I think about leaving the hospital with just B, our new daughter and myself and I get really nervous. After birth, is there just a sudden flow of “mom knowledge" that will magically enter my brain? I’m not sure, but I do know that when we leave the hospital, I will sit in the backseat with her on the way home and make sure B drives no faster than 5 miles per hour all the way home. I just know I’m going to look at her sweet face and remember that I’m responsible for everything about this little girl. EVERYTHING. Is that scary to anyone else?
I’m sure there are many new moms out there who know this feeling. I’ve spoken to my mom, friends that are new mothers and everyone says, “it’s normal.” Even if it is "normal" it's a wave of emotions and it’s amazing how something can be so exciting, yet so terrifying at the same time. 

I already think and worry about...what schools will she attend? What activities will she be involved in? What college will be best for her? How can I make sure she understands kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, the importance of giving back to our community and others? You know…all of life’s big questions. However, I know once she arrives, at least for the first few months, my questions will be more along the lines of...When is the last time I showered? What day is it? Our life will be focused on raising this child the best we know how and I know it will be fun, exciting, exhausting, challenging and most of all rewarding. Thankfully, B and I have had great role models that we have learned a lot from and that have helped mold us into the kind of parents we inspire to be for our sweet girl. 

Thank you to all the wonderful “mommy bloggers” out there. Your advice is heard and taken to heart…believe me! There are so many wildly different opinions out there on absolutely everything and it’s a joy to see how each, dad or guardian...listens to the advice, changes it or molds it into something unique that works best for his or her family. There are so many opinions, must-do's, how-to's and never-do's out there, but so far in this journey, the best advice I have been given is everyone is different and do what is best for you and your family.

Once my slight fear subsides, I get excited again and just sit in her nursery and look forward to the day we finally get to bring her home and read her the many fun and beautiful children's books sitting on her shelves. Decorating her nursery was a little difficult for me because my favorite colors are blues and greens...which you find mostly in the boy section.
We decided on the wall color first and picked a very light blue that we loved. Then, I decided to use blue, green and coral. I thought coral would feminize the space. It took a good while to find fabric that we liked, but once we did, we had bedding made and began shopping for simple accessories. I’m very happy with the room! It’s sweet, but not overly girly, which is what I was worried about in the beginning. Not too much pink! Haha

I got many of the accessories at Target. In fact I found these cute utensil buckets I loved and use them as toy holders on her shelves. 

We received this beautiful, monogrammed quilt from B's Godmother. I know we will be snuggling with this a lot. Thank you Alison!!


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