Longing for some winter-y weather....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sometimes we get winter-y weather in Texas, sometimes we don't. Every year at this time, I begin seeing ads for Christmas and I get tons (TOO MANY) magazines full of beautiful Christmas gifts and decorations in beautiful winter-y settings. I start wishing I lived somewhere, where I could walk in fresh snow, wrap up in a blanket by a fire and have the only lights in sight be Christmas lights. I'm definitely a coastal person at heart, but I do enjoy snow, snow skiing and all of the magic snow brings to an area. When I say magic, I'm not thinking about defrosting windshields, shoveling snow out of the driveway, or any of the hard work that comes with snow. For today, we are only going to think about the good things snow brings...snowball fights, sledding, a white Christmas, warmth of a fire, the wonderful feeling of holding a hot coffee or hot chocolate, wearing a jacket and feeling your cheeks get bright pink from the cold wind. I'm really missing that feeling today...it's been a while since I've taken a winter-y vacation. So today, we are going to head to Stowe, Vermont for Vacation Friday! I have never been to Stowe, but I have been in love ever since I saw the HGTV Dream Home in Stowe, VT! Remember this amazing place...that I didn't win :(...?
Stowe lies in a valley between Mount Mansfield and other peaks of the Green Mountains. As a Texan, my mountain trips usually involve New Mexico and Colorado. Both wonderful places, but Stowe has something different. An undiscovered small town feel. There is a main street with great, small shops and delicious restaurants. Also, there is a great ski mountain. Everything you could want on a winter-y vacation in a beautiful, small package.
I collect a Christmas Village. My mom started giving me pieces years ago and each Christmas I take it out piece by piece and display it on our shelves. There is a memory behind each piece. Well, the picture above looks just like my village! The perfect New England winter-y landscape. I love how you see the steeple of an old church in almost every picture of Stowe. What a winter wonderland! Even the Inn's have a quaint feel to them. You can visit Green Mountain Inn and celebrate Christmas and curl up by the fire.
The homes are beautiful, especially with Christmas decor!

So, I'm going to kick back and relax with a hot chocolate and a book by the fire in this amazing winter-y getaway! Want to join me?

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