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Monday, November 7, 2011

How many of you shop at Tuesday Morning? It's a great discount least some of the time. I had some time yesterday afternoon and decided to browse the aisles. I know I talk about Vietri dishes A LOT. I apologize for this. When I started this blog, my goal was not to discuss dishes all the time, but oh well. Here I go again.

When I was in Tuesday Morning yesterday, I had no where to be, so I really got to dig through the layers of stuff. Layers of Christmas decor, layers of gift ideas, layers of dishes. Guess what I found peeking out from under the dish pile:

Yep! Small and large green fish Vietri bowls. How cute are these?! I loved them and they were 72% off the original price. Amazing..right?! Well, it's the holiday season so I really have to watch my budget. I walked around the store for an hour holding these bowls debating whether or not I should get them. I finally convinced myself I did not need them and that they didn't go perfectly with my other dishes. So, I finally went and took them back to their shelf. My husband would be so proud.

Maybe, after the holidays, these little Vietri fishes will still be calling my name:). Even though I didn't buy anything FUN yesterday, I always love me some good, cheap finds.

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