A BEAUTIFUL Coastal find in AUSTIN!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a very luck girl because my parents have a house in Austin, so I get to see them most every weekend, which I love! My mom had eye surgery recently and needed a little help getting some things done. If you know my mom, this is a hilarious thought because she can do EVERYTHING herself! My dad, sister and I give her a hard time because she would rather do things on her own and take 5 million hours, than ask us for help...I think they call this stubborn? :) Anyways, she was very sweet to treat me to a pedicure since she actually let me help her by washing her hair, carrying her purse, etc.

Once we arrived at the pedicure place, I glanced over the nail polish colors, but always choose the same one...a coral, beachy color I love..."cute as a button" by Essie. This color makes me dream of beaches and it is perfect for our 4th of July trip to Kiawah! I know, I know...red would be more patriotic, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was sitting in the chair, trying to relax and picked up the magazine next to my chair. I saw the words, "Coastal Living in Central Texas" on the front of Urban Home Magazine. I looked at my mom and said...possibly screamed with excitement, "Mom...no way! This is amazing!" Thankfully, the shop was filled with mostly elderly people, so there was little reaction to my screech. The cover story made me drool. This house is incredible and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
This beautiful home is on Lake Austin. If you have never been to Austin, this lake will be the thing that keeps you here when you visit. It's right in the middle of the city and is surrounded by a running trail, fun restaurants like Hula Hut and Abel's on the Lake and by gorgeous, million dollar homes...some with acres of waterfront property. It truly is a site to see! This house was designed by James LaRue, a top architect in Austin. It's interesting because he is mostly known for his sleek, modern design and this was his first coastal house to design and I must say...GREAT JOB JAMES! I hope James is still around when me and my hubbie win the lottery:). Okay, time for some pictures of the inside...and more drool...
Some of you might think it's odd to have a rock fireplace and wood beams in a coastal home. This is what we Austinites refer to as Texas Hill Country Style. In my opinion, this style is way over done in the Austin area, but the designer did a great job of bringing in some natural aspects that are indigenous to the area without going overboard.
Yes, that's the backyard of the house and beautiful Lake Austin. They have a huge yard and can hop in the water or the boat anytime they want!

Well folks...there is COASTAL in Austin, TX and this makes me very happy!

On another note, I follow the Seawashed blog and the Author is extremely talented and knows how to decorate coastal homes. She has an Etsy shop as well where you can buy beautiful paintings, postcards, etc. She is having a giveaway on her blog, so if you are interested, just go to her blog and follow the directions or just take a look at her store and all the beautiful finds!

Have a beautiful day!

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J - Pacha Mama said...

We used to live in Austin when I was in graduate school (Hook 'em Horns!), and I just loved all the lake houses - especially Lake Travis area. We used to admire their lovely lake views and wonder what it would be like to have Lance Armstrong and Michael Dell as your neighbors :)

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