Coastal paintings by Carol Outlaw-Wagner

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I believe that a beautiful coastal painting can lighten up every room...and even light up our faces every now and then! Good thing my Aunt Carol loves to paint coastal scenes. Carol is not my aunt by blood, but is one of my mom's best friends and, therefore, my aunt via friendship. She is a wonderful person and an amazing artist.
She and her husband live on the bay in Galveston and have embraced the coastal life I dream of each day. Good thing she paints such vivid images of different coastal scenes, so I can look at them and have mini escapes to different coastal places I dream of going someday. I wish this was me, right now, walking along a beach, on a faraway island...the waves hitting my bare feet...listening to the soothing sound of waves rushing in...and the glimmer of sunshine hitting my face, keeping me warm as the cool water hits my skin.
Her passion for the coast and depicting so many beautiful moments on water is such an inspiration.
I hope to own all of these and more one day because they make me smile and capture the true, natural beauty of the sea. My husband has the next painting in his office at work and I'm pretty sure he escapes to his favorite beach town, just for a moment, each time he looks at the painting.
I hope you enjoy these incredible paintings as much as I do and thank you, Aunt Carol, for painting beautiful coastal scenes to share with all of the coastal lovers in the world!

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