Friday, June 24, 2011

Today is the 1st of VACATION FRIDAYS!

We all know our minds are somewhere else on Fridays...whether you are at work, running errands, picking up the kids, etc...we are all thinking of being somewhere else and can't wait until we get that feeling of freedom that 5:00 pm on a Friday brings. It's similar to the feeling of kids getting out of school for the summer. I would give anything to hear the sound of the waves, have my sandy toes in the water, book in my hand and the sun on my face right now.

When i dream of vacations, 99% of the time I dream of beaches. Each Friday my blog will be dedicated to a new beach town I want to visit or one that I have visited and loved and want to share with you.

Join me for this Friday's vacation...and escape with me to PORT ARANSAS, TX!!

Some of you might be like...uhh? What is that place? Texas has nice beaches? That is not a place I would pick as a dream vacation...etc, etc...

Maybe this post can convince you that Texas DOES have wonderful beach towns! Port Aransas is perfect in so many ways. It is located 4 hours from Austin, so it's an easy escape for a long weekend. It is not very developed and has the wonderful small town feel. My family and I stayed in Port Aransas over Easter and rented a house in Cinnamon Shores. This community is amazing!

Walkway to the beach from Cinnamon Shores

Cinnamon Shores houses on Lake Colby
It's a family-friendly neighborhood covered in pastel-colored houses that scream, "I'm a beach house...come and chill with me!" All of the houses have porches off most of the rooms, palm trees outside the doors, outside showers, and big comfy chairs to sit and watch the sunset every night. The chosen transportation in the community is a bike and/or golf cart. There is a beautiful community area with a pool, workout room, and clubhouse that is always filled with the joyful smiles, laughter and chatter of children having the time of their life. There is an arched walkway that leads straight to the beach that you can walk to or take your golf cart if you are carrying a lot stuff. 

We stayed in a beautiful house that had plenty of room for all of and my husband, my parents, my sister, my husband's parents, his two brothers and his youngest brother's girlfriend...yes, room for all of us! Our deck overlooked beautiful Colby lake and the cute fishing pier. At night, the fishing pier is covered in white lights. 
Sea Lestial-Our home for the weekend
The community is full of fun and activities. Over Easter, they had an Easter egg hunt and it was so much fun watching the many kids run around and find eggs all over the place. One little girl was not quite fast enough and kept getting her eggs taken from her, so my father-in-law placed an egg in our yard and made sure she found it and put it in her basket. She at least got home with one egg! There was an outdoor movie for families to take part in one night. Also, they are in the midst of building the R&R Cafe which will have coffee, pastries, snacks and drinks all day and wine and cheese at night. In a year, the community plans to have restaurants, shops, and more. It's a paradise for kids and adults!

Port Aransas doesn't have Caribbean blue/green beaches, but it has a wonderful family-feel that can be enjoyed by anyone! 

I hope you enjoyed this Texas getaway and have a wonderful weekend!!


Mary Jane Cihal said...

You can do a Vieques post next April!

Liz said...

I'm planning on it MJ and can't wait!!

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