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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our house is definitely not what I would call a "coastal" home, but I'm doing my best to create a coastal feel. Since we can't move to the beach (at least for now), we'll bring the beach to us! We have painted many walls and added small coastal accents throughout the home, but the first room to truly turn "coastal" was our small guest bathroom. Because it is small, it was a good place to start. We will be in this house for a while, so I want to make it one we love, even if we are the ONLY coastal home in Austin, TX :).

First, we painted the bathroom a beautiful blue color. We went over to our friend's house and he had this color in one of his rooms and we fell in love. It's a bright, yet peaceful color. I sanded and repainted the white cabinets and added stainless hardware to the cabinet drawers and doors. 

Now for the fun part...there was a large, old mirror on the wall that I did not like. We found a great deal on a mirror at Pottery Barn Outlet and Brad and I discussed researching the best way to take down the old mirror since it was GLUED to the wall. The very next day, without any research, my husband came home from work and found me in the bathroom pulling at the mirror, making a mess. I was too excited...I just wanted to see the finished product! After a night of ripping down the mirror, a night of sanding, and 2 nights of painting...the wall is still not perfect, but will have to do for now. Once we hung the mirror, we loved it! 

I bought a few blue accent pieces and put up the coral shower curtain. I am obsessed with the colors in this curtain and think it does a great job of bringing out the pretty blue walls in a small space. Brad and I are far from handy, but we got the job done and are thrilled to have our first, fully coastal room. I feel like I'm in my future beach house every time I step into the room! 

My mom came over to check out the updated space and gave us a beautiful shell bowl and shells to put in the bathroom. A perfect, final touch! Now, I'm excited to pick out which room will be next! Sorry the pictures are not the best ...a new camera is on our "want" list.

I just dropped my sister off at the airport and she is headed to spend her 1st weekend ever in the Hampton's with my cousin. I have never been there, but I can imagine all of the fun and beautiful coastal boutiques that she will step foot in this weekend. She has promised to share with us some of her favorite finds on the island!

Have a great day!!

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Shorely Chic said...

Hi Liz,

Love your blog, and obviously share your passion for the beach! Best of luck to you, I will be following ;)

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