Weekend of escaping the heat!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

B and I just got back from a very relaxing weekend in Colorado! I haven't been to the mountains in the summer in a long while and I had forgotten how amazing it is. High in the 80's, lows in the 40's and 50's. It was unbelievable! We spent our days fly fishing, hiking, watching football by the fire, eating outside, looking for wildlife, and sitting by the river for happy hour. It was such a treat. I could literally live outdoors in the summer...at least I could in Colorado. I will post some pictures soon. I know I always say this...I am terrible at uploading pictures and I'm so sorry for that!

When we were flying back to Austin last night, we were watching the news on the terrible wildfires that were breaking out all around the city, especially in Bastrop, TX. Please keep all the families affected by these fires in your thoughts and prayers. It was so unbelievable to see how quickly these fires destroy neighborhoods. It's just crazy to think that while some struggle with terrible flooding and hurricanes, someone else is struggling with a terrible drought and wildfires.

We are done with weekend vacations for a while, which makes me sad. So, please, share all the details of the trips you all take, so I can soak up some vacation fun! My inbox had quite a treat this morning...the Vineyard Vines fall collection. Boy do they have some cute stuff!! I wish I had this in Colorado...

I have been tempted to buy the man's version of the shep shirt because the female version did not exist and I absolutely love it. Well guess what...the female version now exists! I just want to wrap up in it...even though it won't be cool enough to wear this in Texas for another couple months.
I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and I'll be in touch tomorrow with some more pictures of our kitchen remodel. I stopped by today and it's a little scary looking!!!

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michelle said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I can't believe all these fires and storms going on, it is so sad and everyone is in my praters. Unfortunately we have nothing planned for getaways anytime soon so I am with you on reading others vacations. :)

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