Vacation Friday - A trip that has it all!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm dreaming BIG today. I'm not sure if the 104 degree weather in Texas has gotten to my head or what, but get ready to read about a journey of a lifetime. If I can somehow make this trip happen in my lifetime, I will die a very happy and blessed woman:).

Come with me to the 49,000-acre Shamwari Game Reserve in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. When I tell you that this trip has it all, I mean it! The Reserve is beautiful with many luxurious places to stay...

Eagles Crag Lodge:
Bayethe Lodge:

or the Riverdene Lodge:
...and others. The luxury lodges alone make a great trip, but what about the delicious meals by the fire?
More importantly, what about the Game Drives? These are sites I can only dream of seeing one day...sites that if I ever do see, will be life changing because they are so amazing.

You are almost guaranteed to see the breathtaking wildlife in action because 2 safaris per day are included in the rate of your stay. One safari is before sunrise and one is at sunset because these are the best time to spot animals. I'm dreaming of jumping in an open-air jeep, with a cup of coffee, ready to watch the sunrise and wildlife play like I have never seen before!

To top off the excellence of this magical place, it is known as one of South Africa's most successful private conservation initiatives. Everything they do represents luxury eco-tourism.

So you might be asking yourself....yes, Liz, great place, but what does this have to do with the coast? of the major draws to this particular reserve in South Africa for us coastal lovers is it's proximity to Jeffreys Bay (J-Bay). J-Bay is famous for it's incredible surf, white sand beaches and abundance of sea shells. You might even hear it called the "Surf mecca of the world." Here is Kelly Slater surfing J-Bay...
Shamwari Game Reserve is recommended on as one of the top luxury surf destinations. Just take in the beauty of this beach...

I just drool when I think of all the amazing things this trip includes. I hope you have enjoyed this journey for Vacation's a long journey, but one I imagine is VERY worthwhile!

Happy Weekend!!

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