Yummy Fish Tacos

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A big THANK YOU to my in-laws for taking an amazing trip to Alaska and bringing home the best gift ever...tons of fresh Salmon and Halibut! I'll write more about their trip on another post. I have seen pictures and I can't wait to share them with you! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

B and I are both fish lovers, so we have already eaten the fresh fish 2 out of the last 3 nights:). B looked at me last night and said, "we shouldn't eat fish every night...we should save some and not have it so often, so we appreciate it more." This is one of many reasons why I married him...he's thoughtful about everything he does. As for me, if fresh fish is in my fridge, I'm going to eat it every night and not even think twice about it.

We decided to make fish tacos with our fresh halibut last night and they were delicious! We used Rachael Ray's recipe and it was so easy. It has to be easy...I'm not what you would call a "cook." The guacamole sauce was amazing and can be used on so many different foods!
 Try it out and let me know what you think! Yum yum!!

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Kate Robinson said...

What fun! A new blog to follow and love! What a cute idea! Cannot wait to catch up through your blog! Much love, Kate

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