Cooling off for Vacation Friday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

We are going to cool off and head to ALASKA today for vacation Friday! We went to dinner with my in-laws last night and heard more about their Alaskan adventure and it sounds amazing! B has written the post today because it was a fishing trip and he knows more fishing lingo than I do:). Enjoy today's beautiful journey!

From B:
My parents and a group of their good friends recently returned from a fishing trip in Alaska with Baranof Wilderness Lodge. Their adventure started with a night in Seattle and some exploring of the city. 
Pike Place Market in Seattle...YUM!     
The next day, they hopped a flight to Juneau where they caught a float plane to Baranoff Island. They said the float plane was an adventure in itself and that the beauty of flying over wild Alaska was incredible. 
Their home for the next five days consisted of very nice tents, cots and campfires along side Baranof Bay. 
Home for the week
The first few days of fishing in and around the inlets of the Bay was lights out. They limited out on silver salmon and halibut each day, all while seeing whales swimming by and bald eagles flying overhead. The last couple of days were spent fly fishing the rivers inland from the bay. I can only imagine how fun this was as the pink salmon run was on, and they were loving their streamer imitations. 
Their fishing companions in the rivers came in the form of giant coastal brown bears. The guides were constantly armed and ready for anything but the bears were only there for the same reason my parents were, the fishing! 
Bear and it's cub
Nights in camp consisted of good wine and incredible food cooked by Dutch, the in camp cook. Meals consisted of smoked prime rib, crab, steak and as you can imagine, the most fresh salmon and halibut imaginable. Each day would wind down with good friends telling stories of the day that had passed, all while taking in the last great frontier around them. 
Sounds like a pretty incredible trip, I can't wait until we one day make it ourselves. 

Thanks, B and thank you John and Keni for sharing your wonderful pictures with us! So now you see what we have been eating all week...delicious, fresh salmon and halibut! I would give about anything right now to be sitting on Baranof bay, looking at the sunset over the beautiful water and mountains, with a glass of wine in hand.

Cheers to coastal dreams! 

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