Friday, October 21, 2011

Vacation Friday is a BACKYARD-CATION! Ever heard of a Backyard-cation? Or, a vacation in your backyard? I'm sure you are asking..."who considers their backyard a vacation?!" Well, this weekend, me and Mr. B do! It has been a LONG time since we have not had plans, a football game (at least there is no Texas game this weekend and in my mind...that means there is no football game this weekend), and we finally have time to relax and enjoy our humble abode! Ok, so I might be ignoring the fact that I have to get up and run 12 miles in the morning. I've been training with my best friend, Hilary, for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll half marathon and our longest run is in the morning. But...I'll keep ignoring that for now and move on to my backyard-cation fun.

We are so excited about our backyard-cation that we started it last night. So, you might be asking yourself...what does a backyard-cation consist of? Well, let me give you a little glimpse of what our weekend will look like.

We began with some appetizers...grapes and Zucchini Wheels! I found out about Zucchini Wheels from my friend, Kathryn Robinson, who has a great blog where you can find the recipe for delicious Zucchini Wheels. Ok, so she might make these for her son, but adults can love them too. They are delicious...thank you for the recipe Kathryn!!

Then, I take it all outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and light some candles! This Tommy Bahama candle is our favorite. It makes the whole house smell wonderful!
Our backyard-cation will ALWAYS involve the grill. While we get the grill ready to go and enjoy our appetizers, we pop open a couple beers. October beers are some of the best!
We love to spend time outside and grill. Last night, B had some dove that he wanted to grill. Yes, B is a hunter and a fisherman. I assure you we eat everything he brings home. He really surprised me last night. I'm not sure I would say yes if someone asked me if I like dove, but I definitely like the way B cooks it! He took the dove and wrapped them in jalapeno, cream cheese and turkey bacon. YUM YUM!

Our dogs really wanted a piece! :)
Then, we whipped up a quick salad...
And enjoyed a wonderful meal on our porch!
To top off the start of our backyard-cation, we received the new issue of Coastal Living. Always a great day for us when we get this in the mail!
HELLO backyard-cation weekend! What does your backyard-cation look like?

Happy Vacation Friday!

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