Marathon envy

Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been training for my 2nd half marathon and the 12 miles I was ignoring on Friday was tough. It was okay until the last 2 miles. I was shuffle running (aka moving, but not very fast). The good news is the recovery was fairly easy and I think we are ready for the half!

I must say, running 13.1 miles does not come easy for me. I enjoy running, but I really have to work at it, so when I experienced marathon envy today, I was quite stunned. Could I really envy people running 13.1 or 26.2 miles?! Turns out I can...when the marathon is in Kiawah! I was looking at Kiawah Island's blog today and officially have marathon envy. I fell in love with Kiawah Island this past summer and had no idea they had a marathon! I really wish I had known this and was training to run 13.1 beautiful miles in Kiawah rather than running in San Antonio, TX. I think I could run the full marathon in Kiawah's beautiful setting

...well, I take that back, I would just do the half marathon and then head back to the Sanctuary to enjoy the view of the ocean from this porch:
and sit back and relax and enjoy the sunset...
I think the Kiawah marathon is a great excuse to get back to Kiawah next year. B, get ready to train ;)! I'm really missing Kiawah today. Craving the quiet, laid back, beachy environment it offers. Kiawah, I'll be back soon, I promise.

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