Too many picture walls?

Monday, October 17, 2011

How many picture walls in one house is too many?

This weekend, we finally finished putting everything away in our kitchen and living room. We have newly painted walls, so I wanted to really think about what we wanted on them. I am border-line obsessed with picture walls. They bring so much life to a space and you can update them with a quick change of picture. Also, I love how a picture wall is never finished. We just have the beginning of ours...we have so much room to grow. My favorite thing about picture walls...they aren't perfectly in line. They can be random designs and look their best! So after a lot of thought, we decided on 3 picture walls.

Unlike me, my sister is a perfectionist and has a lot of patience for projects and kindly offered up her perfection and patience to help us put up the pictures. There is no telling how many holes there would be in the wall if I had done this myself. With her help, we had only one hole per picture...just how it should be.

Sooo, after a few hours...this is what we have to look at day end and day out!

A picture wall in our hallway.
A picture wall in our foyer with all black and white photos.
A picture wall in our living room that we can see from our kitchen and breakfast table.
Too many? Maybe so....but we are pretty happy with the outcome and will be adding to the picture walls for years to come!

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