Vacation Friday...kind of...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's vacation is not necessarily a vacation. It's more of an experience...a big, TEXAS-sized experience. Some might not be familiar with The University of Texas, but all of us that went there won't believe it. You have to of heard of The University of Texas. I also hear that some people have never visited Texas. How can that be??!!! hahaha, I kid I kid. Texas is a great state and many of you know the amount of pride Texans carry with us. One event that happens each year that displays Texas Pride at it's best is the Texas State Fair held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX.
Every year, around this time, thousands of people head to the Texas State Fair where BIG TEX meets you at the front gate.

The best part about the fair....the Texas vs. Oklahoma football game! It's like something you have never seen. Everything is huge...every piece of food is fried...every person is either wearing burnt orange (yea!) or red (boo)...rides surround you and the smell of funnel cakes and beer is everywhere you turn. Sound fun? hahaha...maybe not, but I assure you it is...especially when the Texas Longhorns win!!
So, today, we join the thousands of people headed to Dallas on the highway to watch one of the best rivalries in college football since 1900...the Red River Shootout...Texas vs. OU. Not all of you want to join me on this "vacation," but if you ever travel to Texas...I assure you that this is quite an experience!
Have a great weekend and "HOOK 'EM HORNS!"

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Town and Country Gals said...

Wow! How fun does all that look! Nothing better then a fun day at the fair, yours looks amazing! My husband is working in Irving Tx, he gets home once a month, so far, he's enjoying his "Texas" experience.

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