Coastal obsession?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You know you are obsessed with everything coastal when you google "coastal dog bowls!" Hahaha...silly, I know. We have this pretty new kitchen that I will show you pictures of VERY soon and I want some pretty dog bowls now, so our old, torn dog bowls won't take away from our new space. Plus, don't Penny and Gracie (our lovely dogs) deserve a little something new as well? I NEVER thought I would be the person to spoil my dogs, but guess what...I am that person!

I love to google anything coastal. It's amazing what you find. People are so creative and make such beautiful things! The colors of our new space are blue, green, and white/cream. I have been looking for bowls that will work with this. Here are some I have found and love:
I love the blue and light green bowls! Aren't they pretty?? These can be found at Agatha and Louise. A little more expensive than I was hoping for, but cute.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to create these pretty dog bowls. I love the colors and the 3 pieces make for less of a mess, which I love! You can find these at PetSmart.

These don't go with our new kitchen as well, but I like the look and look at all the sizes you get! You can find these on

So maybe I've gone too far, but there are so many cute bowls out there....why not have some that match our new space?!

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