Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have missed all of you! I have been knee deep in kitchen decor. We have been slowly preparing a kitchen renovation that all of a sudden began to move much faster than we had expected. My mother in law is an extremely talented kitchen designer. Thank goodness for her! She thinks of every little thing...things I would never think of, but that are important. She has patiently guided us through this entire process and I have no idea how we would have done it without her!

First lesson learned, we work on the the contractors schedule. He and the cabinet guy were both available right away (supposedly this rarely happens), so we hit the ground running fast last week! There are so many decisions to make and I just get so confused! I wish I was more like many of my blog friends and had a knack for knowing what looks good, how to pull in color without going crazy, knowing what lights to choose...should they match or not? Way too many things to think about! I continuously turn to pictures and blogs for inspirations, so thank YOU for all the inspiration you are providing me!

We are moving out on Sunday for the demolition to begin Monday. I can't wait to see our beautiful new kitchen. I love our house, but this little kitchen definitely needs some TLC and a little spunk. We are not taking down any walls, in order to keep the price down. We are keeping the structure, but remodeling most things inside the structure. Below are some pictures of our current kitchen. I look forward to sharing some "after remodel" photos with you in a few weeks!

What am I looking forward to most?

How about some new cabinets and drawers? Our current drawers aren't on tracks, they are uneven and sag once you pull one out.

New appliances! We are getting all stainless steel appliances. This move alone could greatly update our humble abode. We decided on a farmhouse style sink and I think it will be one my favorite things in the new kitchen.
We are getting granite. Yea! No more stained counter tops. Seriously, the ones we have now show EVERYTHING. They always look dirty, regardless of how often I clean them. Also, we will be using bead board as back splash for most of the kitchen. We will use tile or something other than bead board above the stove, but we are putting bead board wherever we can because we love it! Bead board will also go under this small bar area and we might paint this area a different color than the rest of the kitchen. I love color, but we can't go too crazy because we will most likely have to sell this house one day.
I might be most excited about this next part...our breakfast nook! We have small window nook in our kitchen and right now there is a small table where it's really on feasible for 2 people to sit. To maximize the area, we are putting in a window seat! I think it will look great and will be a wonderful use of the space.

There are many other things happening, but these particular changes get me the most excited. I honestly have trouble envisioning the whole thing, but I know I'll love it. We have my mother in law's great design and advice and B's Aunt is an interior decorator who is helping us with color...I need as much help as I can get with this. So, thanks to B's talented, creative family, our kitchen is in great hands! We are very fortunate for all the help.

That's all for the kitchen now...I'll keep you updated on the progress and will reveal the final product once it's completed!

I will finally be here on a Friday and will see you all tomorrow for VACATION FRIDAY!

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michelle said...

Everything sounds like it is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see it!! I hope it all goes well and quickly.

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