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Monday, August 15, 2011

We had a wonderful weekend in Port A! We arrived Thursday night and went surfing first thing Friday morning. I don't have pictures, unfortunately, but it was my best surf day yet! I'm still learning and really haven't surfed beyond whitewash yet. Well, Friday morning was beautifully calm with waves that were slowly rolling near the end of the pier...perfect for scaredy-cat surfers, like me. At first, I was thinking no way...not ready, but I kept looking out there and it really did look calm. Also, a Roxy surf camp headed out there and my competitive side was thinking...if they can do it, I can do it :). We began to paddle and boy is it hard! I cannot imagine paddling that far when the waves are rough. We finally get out to the end of the pier and we can just sit on our boards as waves slowly roll under us while we wait for the next set. It's a very relaxing moment. Then, the next set comes and I am able to practice my "turn and go" which looks easier than it is, especially with a long board. I sat on the back of my board and slowly turned toward the shore. I was almost afraid to look back to see how large the wave was, but I did. It was a little scary, but is was so whitewash and no roughness. I start paddling with all my might and feel the push of the smooth wave. I jump up and before I know it I'm surfing my first wave that is all face! I don't even realize what's really happening, I just keep surfing down the wave and as it turns to whitewash I take the wave close to the shore! BAM...I'm addicted! It truly is an amazing feeling, especially after spending a year getting pounded by whitewash. Now, if it's rough...will I head out to the end of the pier? No, probably not, but on days like Friday, I'll be out there all day. It was truly incredible. Thanks to my sweet husband for being a wonderfully patient coach. He's much, much better than I am and spent the whole morning helping me out. Surfing is tough, but exhilarating and hopefully I'll keep moving in the right direction. I'm still very sore from paddling...obviously the muscles I use for surfing have been on vacation for a while :).

After surfing, B and I headed to the Cinnamon Shore cafe, C. It was adorable and the coffee is delicious! We also got a goat cheese, pesto and tomato panini that was to die for! I feel at home when we visit Cinnamon Shore. As soon as we leave, I always want to go right back. The decor was amazing and the atmosphere is perfectly beachy and laid-back. We went back later that evening for gelato with the fam and it was delicious as well. We have a few pictures from the cafe that I have yet to upload and will share with you later this week.

Saturday morning B, Greg (B's little brother), and Julie Winn (Greg's girlfriend) woke up bright and early (4:15 AM) for a fishing trip. Yes, 4:15 am...for real! I know, I questioned it too...believe me. "B, are you sure he said we needed to be there by don't think he meant 6am?" hahaha...Well, he was right and so we arrive at the dock at 5am, ready to fish:). The guide must know what he's doing because from 5:30-7:00am, each time one of us put a pole in the water, a fish would bite in a minute or less. We caught a total of 31 fish and probably 25 of those were caught in the first 2 hours! We did get to watch a beautiful sunrise and thank goodness the fish were biting or I would have been dead asleep. We caught a variety of fish...lots of speckled trout, a few red fish, a skip jack, a couple catfish (yuck!), and a mangrove snapper. We have lots of fish to eat over the next few weeks, so if you have some recipes, please share them!

We did a lot over the weekend, but we were able to relax Saturday afternoon and enjoy an amazing sunset on the beach. I read "Heat Wave" by Nancy Thayer and it was the perfect beach read. It's such a great book and a very quick read. It was recommended by a blog a read and I recommend it as well!

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend!

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