Paddle Boarding

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Austinites are known for loving outdoor activities, but, as you know, it's 107 degrees here, so it's difficult to get out and run or bike in the afternoon. You might be asking, "what does everyone do in 107 degree heat?" Well, we get on the water and cool off with a little stand up paddle boarding (SUP)! Town Lake/Lake Austin is right in the middle of the city and everyone flocks there in the summers. Thanks to Nick Matzorkis, founder of SUP ATX, Austinites can enjoy paddle boarding any day of the week. Nick brought SUP to Austin from Malibu. You can watch the fun journey they had here. I know many of you live on the coast and see this sport in action all the time, but I think it's great they brought the fun to the Colorado River! Austin has embraced the's a great workout, but more importantly, it's great fun!

Thank you SUP ATX for bringing a piece of the coast to Austin, TX!
SUP is a great way to see the city...

SUP is relaxing, good exercise and a great way to spend time with your dog!

I don't know about your dog, but I know Penny Lane would be swimming along beside me rather than standing on my board :).

We are off to Port A for the weekend! I finally get to visit R&R cafe at Cinnamon Shore! Hopefully, I will get a little surfing in (maybe some paddle boarding), some reading, and some delicious seafood. We are fishing Saturday morning and I hope to bring home lots of red fish to cook for weeks to come!

Have a great weekend!

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