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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear all talented coastal decorators,

THANK YOU for sharing your brilliant ideas and talent with the world. You are a huge help to all the challenged decorators, like me. You save me from making terrible decisions when it comes to my nautical kitchen.

B and I are working on the very beginning stages of remodeling our kitchen. Nothing huge....just catching our little tired kitchen up with the times and adding a few nautical touches that B and I have come to love so much. I'm not great with decorating details. In fact, thinking about this kitchen and making decisions on every little detail can be very difficult for me. I'm not a decorator and will never claim to be one, so a remodel is a bit out of my comfort zone. So, I'm writing to all my amazingly talented blog friends that share nautical decoration inspiration every morning!

I say I don't like thinking about details, but for some odd reason I think a lot about the lights I'm going to put in our kitchen. I'm especially drawn to nautical lights (surprise, surprise), like these...

I know I like these lights, but how will I ever decide what to use and what looks good? Thank goodness for inspiring kitchens with nautical touches that I have found in blogs I follow...

Each of these kitchens use nautical lights in a the perfect way.

Continue to inspire and share ideas because you have no idea how much you are helping (ME) those out there who have trouble seeing the big picture and worrying about the small details...small details that make all difference in the finished product!

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